Racial outbursts on Social Media

Government stands against racism on social media

South Africa has a long history of racism, dating back to Apartheid and now over a decade later of democracy racism still lives. As life progresses, technology advances. Social Media has been the leading force in the digital era and given people the platform to share their thoughts to the rest of the world. Things you would find on social media can be as light as a post about food, your family or pets to as hectic as racism, bullying and fake identities.

In South Africa, racism is still an issue, whereby people are posting racists’ videos, pictures and comments on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The government in condemning this act as it undermines the gains this country has made towards social cohesion, nation building and strengthening the democracy. This offensive content erodes the values of our Constitution and incites social tension in communities.

South African citizens are encouraged to not entertain racism that is raving on social media.

Acting GCIS Director General, Donald Liphoko, said; “It is unfortunate that such comments follow hot on the heels of the country commemorating Human Rights Day. Government will actively pursue offenders through all available mechanisms including confronting employers and will not allow incidents of racism to define us as a country. What we do in defense of our country today will define who we are as a country in the future. Those found guilty of racist utterances and acts must face the consequences of their actions. ”

To every issue there’s always a way to solve it.

In this case people who feel victimized by racism can open a case at any local police station, or through the South African Human Rights Commission and the Equality Courts. Every South African citizen is reminded that racism is a direct violation of the Constitutional Rights and social media is just like any other form of publication, and people can be held liable for the consequences for what they post of tweet.

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