Johannesburg the city of gold, the city where dreams come true, the city where there’s opportunity but with all this there’s poverty, starvation and food insecurity. Food security in Johannesburg is licked with the main challenge which is income that each household receives. In most cases 60% of families rely on a single income which would be brought in by the man of the house or a single parent. The other 26% have other strategies such as both parents who are working and receiving an income. According to the state of food and security in Johannesburg, link:  Income is divided for most people in Johannesburg is:

19% pensions, grants and other allowances

47% normal wage work

8% casual work

2% formal or informal businesses

21% skilled work

16% office workers, managerial workers and civil servants

16% unskilled labour

15% professional employment

11% military/security


It’s very interesting to see the percentage of people working in which field because in this way can one can see where the food challenges are and why they are that way. Obviously most of the challenges will be in less paying jobs because food does not discriminate as to what job you do. It all stays the same, this leads to a high percentage of people who experience hunger and don’t have the privilege of having 3 meals a day.

According to the UVM Food Feed, Link:

Food insecurity ranges from 50% in poor areas to 90% in deprived wards. Journalists can work hand in hand with farmers and other companies or communities that are trying to decrease the numbers and percentages of poverty and food insecurity in Johannesburg to promote a healthy lifestyle for all.

Journalists are there to grasp information and let the rest of the region or South Africa know about the food struggles in this area and suggestions of how one can improve it e.g. Farming being one of the easiest, world friendly and cost effective solution. Journalists can report on the benefits of farming to encourage people who read newspapers, listen to the radio or watch the news to grow their own food, vegetables and other foods.

Hunger relief and poverty need to be aggressively implemented in order to improve the quality of life in poor communities in Johannesburg. Not only journalists but people should have Ubuntu and assist one another in their communities for survival.

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