The Roe-land Road


Roeland Street Sign

On Monday the 22nd of February 2016, my best-friend and I, Jaye-Dee Jansen were walking down one of many popular` streets in the motherland, Cape Town, Roeland Street. The sun blazing and piercing through our skin with very little wind blowing to cool us down on this extremely warm day.
Why is this street so popular or why is it important to me or how does it impact my daily life you wonder? Well I would like to focus on how I view this street as my best friend Jaye-Dee Jansen would say “I walk on this street every single day of my life” but how she sees the street is very different to how I see it from when I first moved to Cape Town to now that I’ve lived in Cape Town for a little over a year.
Cape Peninsula University of Technology building is where the street Roeland begins for me. My life, my education. From the outside you would never see the building as an education centre cause to me at first it looked like a match box but once I got used to it, it became normal, a place where I learnt and receive knowledge on my chosen career path, Journalism.
What I find ironic is how Engen garage is right opposite Ferrari Motors. It is ironic how the people who work as petrol attendants and pour petrol in fancy cars on a daily basis will probably never have the opportunity to own or drive any of these cars they fill petrol in. I guess I liked to look at these Ferrari’s and Mazariti’s right next to my building as motivation, everyone dreams to drive a nice expensive car. Passing these beautiful cars almost every day when I walk to school encourages me to work even harder so one day I can own a fancy car like the ones I see.
I would like to think of this side of Roeland as “Old Roeland street” the more realistic side of the street because as you walk down from Engen garage there’s a high school and the Western Cape Archives which I have never been to.
Roeland Street is a very long street, for someone who is not use to walking, it would feel like you walking miles but for one who walks that route daily, it feels like less than a minute each day they walk. The more you walk, the more you get used to it but then again do people still appreciate its beauty? As you walk down Fruit and Veg, which I and many of my peers call “Our cafeteria”. Fruit and Veg sells the best and fresh foods you can find on that whole street or in the City Centre itself. If you would like to know more about Food Lovers Market, their foods and specials then check out this link:


Beautiful Palm Trees down Roeland Street

I could go on about the historical buildings and catchy restaurants on Roeland Street but the one restaurant that caught my eye on Roeland is NOOKA, a coffee shop/ vegetarian restaurant which is open from morning till late. I suggest one should go visit this hot spot @


NOOKA Coffee shop/ Vegetarian Restaurant

NOOKA is right to one of the creative schools in Cape Town, City Varsity, if you interested in studying anything creative then go on their website and get more information about it @


City Varsity Creative Signs

Now this is the beginning of Roeland Street which I like to call the end of the Street because of where I usually walk from, but Parliament is where it all begins, where high people from high places discuss matters faced by our country. I have made many memories around this area during the fees must fall era which is still the most interesting and biggest news that has happened to South African students since the 90’s. Here is a link of a video down memory lane @


Stop sign near Restaurants and historical building on Roeland

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