Spike the gloom in Journalism

The survival of journalism seems to draw attention to people who aren’t even journalists. I mean is news being read by more people now than ever before?
Journalism has changed over the years due to the digital age. Print media has fallen as digital media has evolved. Employment rates in newspaper companies have also dropped as news is being broadcasted in more advanced ways such as online media and more. This isn’t a problem that can be solved as technology is advancing every day. The only way journalism can survive is if journalists adapt to the new age because print media will not live forever. But the question is who is supporting journalists? If people don’t buy and read newspapers then who will? So yes, journalism does have a future but only in more advanced fields such as robo and citizen journalism and not so much traditional journalism.
I would say journalism is a system where one can establish issues in their society and publish it on any platforms such as twitter, facebook or blogs.
Check this out: (
Whenever people talk about the future of journalism, the conversations are depressing and this must change, so yes, I do understand that the future of journalism is a gloomy topic but I advise you to read in a blogpost by the excellent Christina Patterson Link: ( for some sort of hope for the future of journalism. Journalism is not going to disappear in thin air as anyone can do journalism because now there are more sources of information to be compared and much quicker.

I think one of journalism’s biggest challenges are managing a lot information, I mean when journalism first began, information was scarce but now it’s overloaded, the problem is figuring out what’s true and what isn’t. There are many experiments in how to make journalism work in the digital age to give it a future.
This book is a must read: Out of print: Newspapers, Journalism and the Business of News in the Digital Age, Link: (
In conclusion new technology means the world is changing daily and people are just struggling to keep up. Our current media rules need to be changed because most of them are based on print, radio and television while other different forms of journalism are being discovered all the time, but one question still remains, how will quality journalism be paid for in the new media world?
I wouldn’t be surprised if print media becomes extinct like dinosaurs but I will be disappointed if people don’t keep supporting journalism and its future because it does have one, it may be more advanced but what’s important is that it’s still there and forever will be.
Check this short uplifting video: (

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2 thoughts on “Spike the gloom in Journalism

  1. As always boitumelo a good article, regardless of evolution of change, the role of the journalist will always play a role in society

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  2. As always boitumelo a good article, regardless of the evolution of change in the environment, there will always be the need for authentic journalism in society


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